Getting vape pens might be a difficult decision because there are so many things to consider while buying them. But replacing one of the parts is a much more complex task because you have many other things to consider in this situation as well. But then, replacing the CBD vape cartridge battery is necessary right now. 

What can you do to replace the vape battery with the right one then? Well, even if it is not simple, a few simple guidelines can help you and that is what is given here. Make sure to read through them to find the right cartridge battery for your vape pen.

Compatibility With The Pen

The internet will talk about hundreds of kinds of batteries for your CBD pen. But you don’t need all of them, and neither do you need all these different kinds. You will have to make sure you do not dispose of your previous battery before buying the new one. the old battery was the most compatible with yours and you have to get details from the same to get your next one.

Not all batteries are compatible with all weed pens. They are different for different designs and also different in colours. You will not want to have a neon yellow cartridge battery for your neon orange vape pen. So compatibility with your pen, based on your older battery has to be done carefully. 

Price Shouldn’t Be Unreasonable

Most of the sites that are available for buying vapes and their products are all scams. And many people seem to fall into a scam where they receive something unexpected instead of their vape pens. This is all because of the cheap price that attracts the vape customers and this is not good for you.

Make sure to check through several websites and arrive at a range at which your cartridge battery lies. From this range, choose one that you think is the best according to your intuition and customer reviews. 

Battery Life Has To Be Good

Many of them might be cheap but are also an authorized product while buying batteries for your weed pen. But only by using it will you realise the reason for the price difference is because of battery life. Record your precious battery’s battery life. You might not get the same battery life as the original, but a little up and down is not a problem. A huge difference in battery life will mean that you will keep replacing the cartridge battery often and this can be harmful to your wallet. 

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