The injury that is caused to the spinal cord can be life-threatening plus it is one of the severe injuries as it can impact you for longer periods says spine surgeon Sydney and it can be permanent that’s why you should never ignore the symptoms, the spinal cord is made up of the nerves tissues and the vertebrae of the spinal cord are meant to protect it according to spine surgeon Sydney also it starts from the end of the brain and continues down till the hip bone also it is responsible for giving signals to the brain

One of the symptoms is you will feel weakness in your arms or legs 

When you have a spinal injury you will feel a tingling sensation down your arms and legs plus when the weakness strikes in your arms you will feel the inability to move the arm and legs which could also lead to paralyzing of the body according to a spine surgeon Sydney so that can be permanent so make sure you have all the test right and make sure to stay under the observation of the doctor if you have been through car accident or fall that has caused the spinal injury.

Another symptom is unconsciousness or headaches

When the spinal injury is severe the person can get unconscious or have severe headaches and if you have a witness that someone has gone through spinal injury make sure to call 911 right away and don’t make them move as the spinal cord could have been dislocated according to spine surgeon Sydney plus it can also lead shocks so make sure to seek medical attention right away also another symptom could be losing control of bladder of your bladder or bowel also stiffness around the neck area or the back down to the buttocks.

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