You may have found your early vaping experiences disappointing if you are new to vaping. Many people experience this problem due to their familiarity with smoking traditional cigarettes and their approach to vaping. In fact, learning to vape requires a certain level of artistry, but it’s not rocket science. These tips will help you get started the right way.

The right vape for you

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, so the first thing you need to learn is how to use your device. Choosing a device that’s easy to use, portable, and efficient is the best place to start. You can consider using pre-filled pods in this case. Although, “simple” in vaping terms isn’t synonymous with “inferior.” There are many very good and affordable beginner vapes available to help you get started and provide you with a great vaping experience. In the beginning, you should probably get an e-cigarette, a disposable e-cigarette, or a refillable or disposable pod system, such as hexa pods, so that you will not have to worry about complex maintenance.

Choosing an e-liquid

Choosing the right e-juice can be a challenging process. Many choices are available, including PG vs VG, nicotine strength, and flavour (the best part). Higher-PG liquids tend to provide stronger, more intense flavours and more powerful hits, while higher-VG choices are great for people who want massive clouds of vapour when exhaling. It is always best to experiment if you want to find the right vape juice for you. Try out a few different juices (or flavors, if you’re buying disposables) and see which works best for you. Your vaping experience will improve greatly once you find the right combination of factors.

Hitting a vape

Ex-smokers often make the mistake of taking too short drags when starting with vapes. When you do this with a vape, however, there is not enough time for enough liquid to pass across the heating element. You’ll have a more satisfying session if you take a long, slower drag. You can inhale using two different methods:

  • Mouth-to-lung. Inhaling this way is best suited to smaller vapes with more nicotine. The process is similar to that of smoking a cigarette. After drawing in some vapour, you’ll hold it in your mouth for a couple of seconds, then breathe it in. Exhale once the vapour has entered your lungs. It is the perfect way to replace smoking with vaping.
  • Direct-to-lung. If you prefer a smoother hit, try direct-to-lung vaping with a bigger device and less nicotine. It involves drawing a small amount of vapour quickly and directly into your lungs, similarly to how you would take a deep breath. Exhale the vapour immediately afterward.

Vaping should be done a few minutes at a time to allow your heating element to cool down and also to prevent throat irritation. Now that you know how to correctly vape, you will have a better experience. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a better alternative to smoking. 

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