The name oxytocin is quite a well-known one. This peptide hormone is also made of amino acids and has only nine of them. This hormone is secreted by the posterior pituitary gland after being produced in the hypothalamus. But the hypothalamus is not the only place where this hormone is produced; it is also produced by the testes, ovaries, placenta, pancreas, retina, thymus and adrenal glands. Though this hormone was considered to be only a neurohypophyseal hormone, it has proven to be much more than that. It is no longer considered that due to its far-reaching action which involves other peptides as well. 

This is defined as a protein having two independent natural function. It is a hypothalamus produced neuropeptide that regulates sexual reproduction and childbirth. It is not only bloodborne as it is also secreted by the placenta. In pregnant women it influences childbirth, production of milk and bonding with the baby. When produced from the testes, it promotes pair bonding and mating behavior. Research on this peptide for years has revealed that it can do more than just sexual behavior. This peptide is yet to be made available for human use. Only licensed researchers can buy Oxytocin peptide for research purposes only.

Cardiovascular health

Oxytocin is capable of protecting the heart. It can control blood pressure, promote fat burning, relieve anxiety and improve glucose tolerance. All this aids cardiovascular health. That is why it is suggested that Pitocin can actually be useful in treating cardiovascular diseases. Atherosclerosis can be caused by reduced Oxytocin receptors. Oxytocin treatment helps to overcome the issues of reduced Oxytocin receptors and maintain cardiac integrity. Studies conducted on mice models prove that direct injection to the heart during heart attack can protect the cardiomyocytes from cellular death. It can also control damage to the heart due to diabetes. Fasting glucose level and fat accumulation was reduced in the mice. 

Effects on anxiety

This hormone has been well related to anxiety and depression. Social anxiety disorder is caused by Endopituitrina receptor gene’s genetic polymorphisms. There were epigenetic changes in oxytocin receptors in untreated patients. This indicates towards a possible pathway for pathologically suppressed oxytocin. This suggests that lower level of oxytocin can actually trigger social anxiety. Dysregulation of oxytocin level can also lead to borderline personality disorder. This condition triggers extreme mistrust, hypervigilance towards threats and altered non-verbal social behavior. Patients of BPD given intranasal oxytocin have displayed positive effects. This condition is not only tough to treat but also affects quality of life. Oxytocin can help to understand the condition better to lead to a fruitful treatment procedure. 

Muscle maintenance

With advancing age, our muscle molecule level starts to reduce. Research suggests that the level of oxytocin in the blood and the receptors in the stem cells of the muscles reduce with age. The administration of this peptide helps to recover the healing capacity of the muscle. But all these researches have been conducted on mice models. This peptide is not available for human use.

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