Many Brooklyn men’s haircuts can bring some discomfort, but is it worth to immediately blame your hairdresser or barber for this? Most likely you’ve made one of the common hair care mistakes.

If you are still sure that the more you rub your head during hair washing, the cleaner it will become, unfortunately, we are forced to upset you – this is untrue. It’s perhaps the most common mistake among many men. In fact, rough handling of the scalp severely damages it and disrupts the hair growth.During washing rememeber this advice: light finger movements and no scalp scratching.

Most of the mass-market shampoos, in particular the cheapest ones, wash off not only dirt, but also healthy skin fats from the hair. Of course, the use of a conditioner partially removes this problem, but the fact remains: frequent washing turn hairs to weaker and dull ones. Therefore, whenever possible, reduce this process to a necessary minimum.

Moreover, do not blindly believe in the so-called “savings”, it is much better to allocate an additional budget for high-quality shampoo and a separate conditioner. Each of these products has different functions. The task of the shampoo is gentle cleansing, and conditioner is needed to moisturize the hair and scalp. Using them from one can most likely you will get half of the result. And this, as you know, certainly cannot be called “savings.”

Similarly, as you need to be careful with the amount of perfume, you need to be even more careful and not overdo it with a hair styling product. Remember that you always have time to add a product, and wax removing from your hair is quite problematic task. Therefore, in the beginning it is better to take less product and distribute it qualitatively through the hair, and then, if necessary, gradually add more.


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