Why you should consider doing these two procedures together? With facelift surgery, you will achieve more tighten and rejuvenated looking face, but your eyes can make an impression of tiredness, sadness or simply older looking face. People can see emotions form the person’s eyes, and you can be mistaken as the sad, worried person when only eyelids are the culprits for this impression.

What each procedure accomplishes

It is important to understand what each of these procedures can give to your face before you decide to undergo any of these procedures.

While a facelift is a very effective procedure that will revitalize your face, it cannot cover your whole face equally. With effective facelift surgery Sydney from Dr Hodgkinson your signs of aging on the lower and middle face areas will be corrected. These areas include the cheeks, chin, jowls, neck, the area under the lower eyelids, and around the lips and mouth.

You will be more confident with your improved face

Facelift procedure will remove excess skin and fat on the above mention areas, while the rest of the skin will be tightened for the smoother looking face. As you can see, a facelift cannot fix upper eyelids. This is why many people are considering upper eyelid procedure alongside the facelift procedure.

The upper blepharoplasty from Dr Hodgkinson will reduce sagging skin, fat tissue and it will fix the muscles that hold the eyelid. When it is correctly done, upper eyelid surgery can give your eyes a brighter and youthful appearance. Because eyes are an important feature of the face, this procedure will affect the overall face.

Results of combining both procedures

There are several benefits when you combine these two procedures. They will reduce your signs of aging on the lower, middle and upper face areas. These procedures require general or local anesthesia, but the results that you get will be dramatic.

The best results of two procedures

Your whole face will be transformed, which means that you will not notice that certain areas are looking older than in other areas. This achievement will give you natural-looking results in all areas. Also, when you do both surgeries at once, it is like you had just one surgery. There is only one recovery period, so you will get results much faster.

When it comes to paying part both of these procedures have their cost. If you are undergoing these procedures separately, you will have to pay anesthesia and facility fees both times. Joining these two surgeries, you will pay these facilities only once.

Few days after the surgery, you will experience pain and some discomfort. The recovery period usually lasts around two weeks, and some more demanding activities you can perform after four weeks.

Final word

Before you decide to undergo some of the procedures, do some research and find an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon will make an individual plan for every person, which will be created in the way to achieve your goals.

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