If you’re planning to get eyelash extensions and wondering what your options are, it’s better to know that you can get coloured lash extensions too.

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Well, coloured lash extensions are definitely not for shy girls. But if you’re a trendsetter-type of person, they definitely are for you.

Why Should You Have Coloured Lash Extensions?

1. To Enhance Your Natural Beauty Assets

There is a huge range of tones available in coloured lash extensions from subdued to wild. They can act quite like eye shadow i.e. they emphasise the colour of your eyes.

You can get extensions that will accentuate and complement your eyes.

Thus, if your eyes are green, purple-coloured extensions look the best, while for brown eyes, green lashes are perfect, and for blue eyes, blue lashes are the most stunning.

Coloured lash extensions not only enhance your eye colour, but also do they give definition to your eyes and help you express your personality.

In addition, they offer all the benefits of regular extensions, i.e. adding length and volume to your lashes and eliminating the requirement of eye makeup.

Moreover, coloured lash extensions need much less maintenance and are far more striking.

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2. Match Rainbow Hair

You don’t need to limit your choice of lash extensions only to the colour of your eyes. You can choose them also to match your hair colour.

Especially if you’ve recently highlighted your hair with bright colours like orange, red or pink, it can be challenging (though not impossible) to find mascara of a matching tone. In that case, coloured lashes are perfect.

For a trendier look, you can consider adding some exciting hair extensions and then choosing matching lashes.

3. Create the Desired Effect

Lash extensions come in a range of styles that can make your eyes look outstanding.

The most sought-after method of using coloured lash extensions is to mix a percentage of coloured lashes and a little higher percentage of classic eyelash extensions available at Fancy Lash– the higher the proportion of coloured lashes, the bolder will be the final outcome.

This creates such an outstanding effect that is impossible to obtain with mascara.

Another alternative is to get all coloured lashes without standard lash extensions. This is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but excellent if you love to become the centre of attraction.

The last alternative is to choose a rainbow of colours, either with or without regular lashes. This is perfect for the mermaid trend.

Image Courtesy: fancylash.net

Time-consuming Process

The process of applying coloured lash extensions is just the same as that for regular lash extensions. However, you can expect it to take around 30 minutes more than normal.

This is just because the lash technician needs a little more time to position your coloured lashes in a way so as to achieve an optimal result.

Also, while choosing coloured lashes, you should make absolutely sure your lash artist is qualified.

For stunning results, the colours should be spread properly across your lashes, symmetrically on each of the eyes.

Get coloured lashes applied from a qualified technician and enjoy your stunning looks!

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