For teaching enthusiasts out there, Peru can be an exceptional destination to start their teaching journey. From the breathtaking natural wonders to the bustling cities, Peru offers an ideal blend of historical and modern culture. Moreover, it has a lot to offer to English language teachers, with the public and private schools looking for English-speaking teachers. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about Teach English in Peru to ensure a smooth and successful experience.

Requirements for teaching English in Peru

To teach English in Peru, you first need to fulfill the educational requirements, which are not too demanding. You will be expected to hold a Bachelor’s degree in any field. Additionally, most language schools in Peru prefer teachers with a certification in teaching English such as a TEFL certificate. Some language schools may hire non-certified teachers, but they usually have less working hours, less pay, and less job security.

Job prospects

The demand for English language teachers in Peru has increased in the last few years. There are several private language schools and local schools that need teachers to teach English to all ages. Additionally, some schools also offer the opportunity to teach business English or online English lessons. On average, an English teacher in Peru makes between $500 and $700 per month. However, some schools offer more to teachers based on experience and qualifications.

Cultural differences

When teaching in Peru, you will experience a different culture with unique customs and ways of living. It is essential to be aware of these cultural differences and to respect them. Peruvians are friendly, hospitable, and generally interested in engaging with foreigners. Therefore, you should take the time to learn some basic Spanish phrases as it will help you to integrate more into the culture and communicate with the locals.

Teaching culture in Peru

The education system in Peru is not as structured as in some western countries. In public schools, teaching standards are low, and there is a lack of resources. As an English teacher in Peru, you will need to be flexible, adaptable, and patient. You should be prepared to face challenges like being given a class schedule almost last minute or having to teach a class of different ages and levels at the same time.

Living in Peru

Peru has a lot to offer to English teachers who choose to teach in the country: affordable cost of living, a diverse culinary scene, ancient historical sites, and friendly locals, to name a few. It is generally safe to live in Peru, though it’s best to take normal precautions. You will find that the cost of living in Peru is reasonable, and this means that you can afford a comfortable lifestyle with opportunities to travel.


Teaching English in Peru can be a life-changing experience. You will gain hands-on teaching experience, immerse yourself in a new culture, build relationships, learn to speak a new language, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Although it can be challenging at times, the rewards of teaching in Peru make it an adventure worth pursuing. So, if you are looking for a unique teaching opportunity, consider Peru for your next adventure.

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