Currently, in the U.S, 33 states and D.C allow the use of marijuana for medical or recreational reasons. This number is expected to increase as more states hold elections to determine whether to legalize weed or not. In states where cannabis is entirely legal, you’ll have an easy time finding high quality. All you have to do is step into a cannabis dispensary in Chandler, Arizona. The competition in such states is also very high; thus, anyone selling low-quality weed soon falls off the market. 

However, this is not mirrored in states where marijuana is still illegal. Usually, you’ll have to do with what is available, even if it means buying from the illicit market. First, it exposes you to legal troubles and run-ins with the police. Additionally, you are also more vulnerable to being ripped off and getting low-quality products. Unless you’re an experienced user, dealers will try to offload their brick marijuana on you. Here are some tips to help you tell high-quality Mary Jane from low-quality one.

1. Color

The first easy way to determine that your weed is high-quality or not is to look at the color. Often, good marijuana is green with purple or orange dots. On the other hand, a brown color indicates low quality and may also show contamination from pesticides, mold, or different kinds of funky stuff.

2. Texture

You can tell whether your weed is good or bad from how it feels. When marijuana has been cured correctly, it is supposed to be slightly dried but at the same time sticky. This is the quality of cannabis that licensed dispensaries should sell. If it is not sticky, it indicates that the product is probably too dry and will quickly turn into dust. Your weed shouldn’t be too moist either. A little sticky and a little dry is the best balance. 

3. Smell

It’s easy to tell if Mary Jane is high-quality from its smell. Good weed should have a fresh, easily detectable scent. Low-quality products will smell like grass or hay. So if you’re being sold cannabis that doesn’t smell like cannabis, don’t buy nor smoke it. 

4. Buy tested products

The other thing that will help ensure that you’re getting high-quality products is only buying those that have undergone lab testing. While this may not always be possible, you could also look out for cannabis products that have been certified to contain little to no contaminant. If a product is certified, there are very high chances that it is a good weed.

5. Taste

Figuring out the taste of your marijuana may be a little challenging if you’re just a new user. High-quality weed has a fresh taste. If it doesn’t taste fresh but instead has an off flavor, you should probably visit Chandler, AZ, and try a licensed dispensary for good weed.

Good marijuana also has well-trimmed buds and usually has some orange hairs. If you are taking it for medical or recreational use, it needs to be of good quality to get your desired effects. These five tips will be handy the next time you go into a dispensary looking to buy marijuana and marijuana products.

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