COVID-19 vaccines continue to make their way into millions of Americans’ hands across the country. Although widespread immunization is a big part of what will make it possible to return to some degree of normal life, other public health measures such as masking, social distancing and testing aren’t moving fast enough.

However, those who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 are less likely to get ill or suffer severe symptoms. We are still learning about how vaccines affect the spread of COVID-19 within our communities. The current CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 testing recommend that anyone suffering from symptoms of the virus should be tested for it. However, vaccine resistance remains high among certain groups and individuals in the United States. Therefore, continued testing for COVID-19 is essential to reduce the risk of unvaccinated workers returning to work.

In the future, we might need to show proof that a negative COVID-19 testing was performed in order to travel to certain locations or enter large venues. We will continue to wait to see how effective vaccines are against the spread of variants and how long immunity will last. However, COVID-19 testing is still a critical part of how we interact with others, as well as how we go about our day.

Employers will need to establish policies and procedures for COVID-19 and vaccine testing on a smaller scale. Pop up clinics can be used to provide onsite testing for employees if necessary. Pop-ups are temporary clinics that we set up in the workplace. It can be either in a break room or conference room. Our providers will be available with supplies for a 10-15 minute COVID-19 consultation during the pop-up. As a precaution, we can perform COVID-19 rapid, rapid, or antibody testing on-site. Facilitating COVID-19 testing at the workplace will allow you to get current data about your employees’ health and prevent outbreaks from occurring.

As you return to work, host retreats or conferences, pop-up COVID-19 testing can be a layer of protection for your employees. To ensure your employees are safe, you can have on-site testing alongside other COVID-19 solutions.

Eden Health also offers the following:

  • Daily monitoring: Take daily screeners. This will allow them to enter the office or stay at home. For further evaluation, our providers will video-visit employees suffering from symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Employer Dashboard:Employers can see the results of their employees’ vaccination status and COVID-19 testing. Employers can use the dashboard to make informed decisions based upon their daily workforce availability.
  • Full scope of ongoing care: TheWellnessFirm offers a full range of health services that can be accessed both online and in person. These include primary care, mental healthcare, ETC.

Are you interested in having a COVID-19-certified pop-up clinic brought to your office? Contact TheWellnessFirm here.

This post was written by a medical professional at The Wellness Firm.  The Wellness Firm services include workplace flu clinics, workplace flu vaccination providers, onsite rapid Covid testing in St Pete, the physical exam for employment, as well as American Heart Association CPR certification classes. Founded by local Firemen, The Wellness Firm has been providing a safer Tampa Bay since 2006.

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