Feeling faint, woozy, weak, or unsteady are part of dizziness. It’s a feeling that you feel that your surroundings or you might be spinning, and it’s called Vertigo. This is the reasons many who feel this way might visit a doctor for the treatment as this feeling is quite disturbing and constant feeling is unbearable sometimes. The treatment works for some time but may not go away permanently very easily. You must go see a vertigo specialist if the problem is recurring sudden or it may be prolonged.

The feeling of dizziness will increase if you start walking while standing or once you move your head. If you have the below symptoms and they are severe than you might have to go emergency and get the treatment these are Sudden, severe headaches, difficulty in breathing ,paralysis of arms and legs, double vision, stumbling during walk, seizures, nausea, vomiting, sudden drop in hearing, confusion or speech issue, fainting, chest pain and irregular or severe heart beat.


Some the causes are inner ear disturbance medication effect and motion sickness. It may be caused by poor circulation injury or infection.

Inner ear problem causes vertigo:

Your body balance depends on various sensory response from various organs that includes your eyes that are responsible to tell you where exactly your body is and occupying space that you are present. Secondly your sensory nerves that send message to your brain about body movements you make, and its position and last thing is your inner year that is having sensors for detecting gravity and various direction of motion your body is moving in. Vertigo is the wrong sensation that you feel that the surrounding around you is moving but it’s the true picture. The signals that are transmitted from the sensors inside your ear is different while the other body sensors are transmitting different data to the brain and the brain gets confused due to various false signals received simultaneously. The result of this vertigo will result in

Benign paroxysmal positional ‘BPPV’ in vertigo:

It’s a condition that causes a severe and wrong sense that you are moving. This happens once to you by a rapid change in your head movement most commonly when you move and turn on your bed you sit up in your bed and suddenly your head gets a blow BPPV vertigois the most common reason for vertigo.


A viral infection caused by vestibular nerve which is also known as vestibular neuritis can be a reason for severe constant vertigo and if you also have sudden hearing loss it is also called labyrinthitis.

Meniere’s disease and Migraine:

This disease occurs with the excessive presence of fluid inside your inner ear It will last for several hours and at that time you may also feel variable hearing loss a ring sound inside your ear and the sensation of a plugged ear.All those people who had migraine may have experienced vertigo even if they have no dizziness without headache. This type of vertigo will last for few minutes to hoursand may cause headache and sensitivity towards light and noise.

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