Do you want to try enjoying the Dayz game? Well, you need to be prepared as you will not be playing with computer enemies, but real people. Yes, this is what happens when you will be in a multiplayer video game. You will be surviving neck to neck with the other players like you.

And even if you are quite skilled, your progress will somehow also depend on the skills of the other players. It means that if they are good, you might have a hard time progressing. To start with, you need to have at least a bit of food and water.

Note that, you will not be given free resources. You need to farm them on your own and one way to do that is to play the game roulette. This can be an exhausting game as you don’t just have to stay away from the zombies, who are willing to eat you alive, at the same time, you also need to be cautious of the other players who can steal away your loot.

So, are you ready for some tips? Check this out:

  • This is just a game. So, your bottom line is to enjoy. If you are not enjoying it, then, by all means, you should just stop! Just take baby steps, especially that you are still trying to get the hang of the game. The good thing with games is you can always start again.
  • As you will have to equip yourself with the needed resources, so you can survive, your first goal should be is to learn the locations that are best for farming. You have to be alert as others might get ahead of you. When it comes to multiplayer games, one should have a quick mind.
  • Another thing you need to prioritize first is the items you need to survive. Aside from the usual food, water and clothes, you also need bandages so that you can treat yourself if you will be injured. You also need a shotgun in case you come across some bandits and zombies.
  • You need to carry with you, morphine all the time if you can. What is this for? This is for you to survive even when you are already injured. You see, once your legs will get injured, you will not be able to move and thus become vulnerable to the threats. With just a shot of the morphine, you can already use your legs again.

To warn you, this game is not easy. This is why others use DayZ hacks. With the DayZ hacks, one will be able to have more resources to survive while trying to move from location to location and to fight off the enemies.

Yes, you will double whatever you have like weapons, foods, meds, and so on. But you need to buy the hacks as they are not free. You need to buy them with real money. So, it is really up to you if progressing in the game is quite important for you.

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