There are many people out there who like to use nicotine. It is one way to please yourself for many men and women. But to make the use smoother and better there has been advancement in the technology. There will be no more; bad smoke or smell, and no fire incidences. You can also enjoy it in the company of your loved ones. Doesn’t it sound good? Yes, the new way of doing it is called vaping. The tobacco is not directly burnt. Rather it is not burnt at all. A nicotine-based salt is used in the form of an e-liquid in the VUSE E pod 2 of the vapes. It is heated enough to get the vapours of nicotine that can go straight down the throat of the user. It is safe enough to be used in the presence of kids as well.

So, what are we saying?

Vapes are just modified and better e-cigarettes. They do not have tobacco in the raw state, there is a nicotine-based salt in the VUSE pods. A heating element is in-built in the device and does not heat up on the outside. There is voltage control and heat sensor. So, it is a smart device. They also come with sensors to begin, no buttons. Just pull in air at the mouthpiece and it will start. They are also mixed with pleasant flavours. So, while the user gets the satisfaction of using nicotine there is no after breath. You can enjoy it with others around, as you will not be putting them at the risk of passive smoking. The devices are easy to use and compact so that you can carry them around.

Why do people like it?

  • It is very advanced. Those who love to be technologically advanced like to use it. This is the future of nicotine usage.
  • It is smoother and the feeling of satisfaction is much more. So, the craving stays at bay for longer. This makes it good for those trying to quit. They can slowly increase the gap and then eventually leave it.
  • It can be used according to the wish of the user. We mean if you want a shorter session, you can just shut it off and reuse it later. You do not have to finish puffing it in one go like the traditional cigarette.
  • The compact size makes it easier to be carried anywhere you like it. The battery once charged works well for a whole day for heavy users and more for those who use it lesser.
  • VUSE Epod 2 last a normal user for a full day and the person can take a new pod when he/she returns home later at night. You will not have to carry a whole box of cigarettes.
  • VUSE pods offer many new flavours that make it fun for beginners as well.
  • It is an affordable option as you do not have to buy the device or the battery again and again. You just have to change the pod and start using it.
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