As you may guess from the name of this position, the freefall looks a lot like being scattered all over your bed. Your arms and legs are placed as far as they could be. Sometimes people sleeping in such a position, toss and turn a lot at night, and they may even wake up with their head on the left or right side of the bed. If this is your sleeping position, it shows that you are quite an open person. You prefer to express your opinion freely even it may not always be in your favor. You are very social person, and you have a lot of friends. But sometimes you hide your feelings, if somebody hurt you, which makes you a bit sensitive too.

Sleeping position #2 The hugger (or the sloth)

This position is favorite to a lot of women, because they feel the urge to hug something while they are sleeping. It does not matter whether you hug your partner, or your pillow, or a stuffed animal, you are still a hugger, or a sloth, as I like to call this position, because it resembles this animal. This sleeping position reveals a bit soft and fragile person, who sometimes needs the protection of a close person to them. These women are very sensitive. There are sometimes too naïve when it comes to trusting people. They practically think that all the people in the world are good, and that is why they suffer a lot sometimes – not only because somebody hurt them, but because they have played with their trust and kindness.

Sleeping position #3 The board

This sleeping position, as its name suggests, does not involve a lot of movement. These women fall asleep on their backs, with their arms and legs tightly pressed to their body, making their position resemble a board that does not move. This sleeping position is a reflection of the woman’s personality. It shows conservatism and reservation. These women do not let go easily. It is very hard to win their trust, maybe because at some point in their live they have been cheated by a lot of people and this became part of their personality. These women often work as managers or even bosses, because they also have high self-esteem. They trust themselves more than they trust anyone else, and that is how they climb the ladder of success.

Sleeping position #4 The side log

This sleeping position is when a woman sleeps on one of her sides, no matter whether is the right one, or the left one. If this is your favorite sleeping position, then you are very happy and energetic person. You are also very calm. You do not yell at other people. Whenever there is a problem, you prefer to deal with it soberly. You think fast about all the possibilities you can do to fix the problem without getting angry. One thing, you should work on, however, is your trust, because you give it to the wrong people sometimes.

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A lot has been said about the sleeping positions people have. There are special sleeping positions that couples have, which show a lot of interesting facts about their relationship. But today we are not going to discuss male-female relationships given their sleeping positions. Today we are focusing only on...