The mind and the soul have their own cycles and seasons that run through different states of activity and solitude, to seek and find, to rest, to belong and even to disappear.

When a woman matures, relationships with her are different. Even the relationship with itself goes a step further.
Let’s say that around 40 is when a woman feels a need she can not stop attending: to return to herself. This is the emotional point where we learn to greet our memories at the right time, to dance and to calm ourselves with them.

It is the moment in which the soul is loved beyond our mistakes and the earthly. From these ages, loving our fellow men, a serene heart with burning blood is discovered which helps us to understand what kind of creatures we are, with our strengths and weaknesses. Because we all have both and that is not bad, but quite the opposite.

The return to the house of the soul means to make us aware of everything that has happened in our previous life and to resolve those conflicts created in the cycles before the maturity.


Mature love
Mature love means union on the condition of preserving one’s own integrity, one’s own individuality.
Erich Fromm

It is not easy to mature in love, but once you achieve it you will be born with a great love for yourself that is based on dignity and respect. These values, starting from a certain age and certain experiences, usually articulate the rest of affections that we nourish to our heart.

A mature woman goes beyond her capacity for love when she realizes that the true transcendence of the feelings of others is summed up in how she contemplates herself and her changes.

Over time, the feminine world radiates a purity that is threatened by a corrupt society that makes women run to seek refuge in themselves, not to flee when something becomes difficult, but to face it.

Then they find that their true home is nowhere far from the world, but within them. Somehow, mature love is the result of a process of individualization that can become very painful.


It may come to us sooner or later, but for all it is preceded by a few years of distraction and derailment of our emotional identity. That is, not “knowing where you are and what is your place in the world” that we all know.

Whether by naivety, by not paying attention or by ignorance, the process of maturity has made us suffer the theft of a skin that enveloped us, which we believed ours and to which we clung strongly.

Este sufrimiento por la pérdida de su piel le hace a la mujer convivir durante un tiempo con una parte de ella incompleta, lo que le ayuda a fortalecer su verdadero recubrimiento emocional.
That is to say, that this robbery rises in each case as the opportunity to recover treasures as unique and proper as the two pillars of emotional liberation: determination and self-love.

As a result, the woman reaches a great wisdom that makes her live and love in a different, unique and transcendent way. In a way, it is capable of hydrating and rebuilding itself, feeling itself entirely within it.

As they say, every woman encourages a secret life and a powerful force full of good instincts, creativity and wisdom that holds the great power of a territory still unexplored: the fantastic world of female psychology.

Psychology is not only my profession, it is my life and my passion. I think that understanding our emotions helps us turn the world around and I am convinced that the little details are what make the difference.-Raquel Aldana

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