Change Your Routines

Doing the same movements over and over again can weaken your muscles, putting more strain on your lower back and aggravating your sciatica pain. Use your pillow in a different way, go for a walk, sit in a different position, or carry your bag on a different shoulder.

Commit to Better Posture

Another bad everyday habit that is not easy to change. When you are tired, it’s probably hard to sit up straight, with your feet flat on the floor and your mobile phone or computer at a proper height.

You must try avoiding the neck, back, and core problems you cause when looking down at your mobile phone. So, whenever you notice yourself slumping forward, open up your chest by taking deep breath. Imagine a rod is going down your spine while pointing the top of your head upwards. Your hips and shoulders should be equally balanced.


A great way to prevent over-staining and keep everything loose is doing stretches. Dr. Sean Roden recommends another great tip for treating lower back problems. He says stretching and rolling out the hamstring muscles can be really helpful in such cases.

Lift Properly

You must care about your back when lifting some heavy object. Lifting some object while your body is at a wrong angle can cause great damage and leave painful scar tissue that is hard to overcome.

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Sciatica is uncomfortable, painful, and debilitating condition which can interfere with your daily activities. In some cases, sciatica sufferers might even need a cane to move around. In this post, you will learn 10 tricks to relieve your sciatic pain and support your back. Strengthen Your Abs, Core, and Torso Muscles You...