Top Five Pesticide Soaked Fruits and Vegetables

It would be wise to avoid them entirely  , if having on mind that with such a striking level of pesticides on each of these “conventional” produce items,even though most people buy them non-organic

  • Apples – most notable inclusion is the apple, considering its reputation as a health food and also considering the lack of organic apple orchards for that matter. Majority of apple orchards remain “conventional,”. But, yet American apples were recently banned in Europe by regulators.

Over 47 pesticide residues were found in conventional apples by the USDA’s pesticide data program .

  • Peaches –The soft skin of peaches are combined with the amount of chemicals .A study by the PDP done in 2008 ,found 62 different pesticide residues on conventional peaches. And several are considered as neurotoxins as well as known as carcinogens. We think we can wash some of the residue off , but much of it remains in the soft flesh and skin of the peach.
  • Nectarines –  soak up pesticides like a sponge. Be aware and make it important to always buy them organic. Otherwise very limited consumption.

According to the 2012 EWG report, nectarines had the most overall weight of pesticides of any fruit or vegetable, which means we probably consuming these dangerous carcinogens in every bite, and the health of liver is threatened.

  • Strawberries – Pesticides full of negative effects on the brain and nervous system.  45 total pesticide residues found by the PDP in 2009.

Organic strawberries are expensive and worth of that investment.We recommend to buy them in season and freeze so you save big money.

  • Grapes – have 56 different pesticide residues in 2010, including four developmental or reproductive toxins which are very linked to fertility problems as well as miscarriages.

Wine drinkers should be especially careful. Not overdoing it, especially when consuming wine as non-organic form.


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Against many sources that pay attention of importance of eating organic food,  more people continue to choose “conventional” food which laced with synthetic pesticides. It’s also important to realize just how contaminated many of the most popular fruits and vegetables we really eat. The amount of pesticides is enormous, on...