The lemon is a great fruit and one of the healthiest there is. It has minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients too. Also vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, proteins, vitamin B and carbs. Flavonoids are present too that fight the free radicals.

When these two are combined you get a great power cure for many problems like:

1. Constipation

Lemon and olive oil is a lubricant for the mucus in digestion organs. It works up the liver and gallbladder too. It is also antioxidant and detoxifies while it makes digestion improved.

2. Cardio problems

The fatty acids in this oil are healthy for the whole being but for the heart especially. It removes excess bad cholesterol and improves blood flow.

3. Rheumatoid problems

This mix reduces inflammation and if taken all the time joint pain will be gone too. Have it before breakfast after sleeping.

4. Balance of liver and gallbladder

Stop and prevent gallstones formations with this mix every morning before breakfast. Mix the oil and lemon, add some water and drink up. Have it 1 hour prior eating to detox and flush out toxins of the gallbladder, liver and kidneys.


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