Although beneficial, castor oil can be deadly if used improperly. The oil has been used as a natural remedy for different problems for millennia, but it has been used for rubber production, in varnishes and paintings and the textile industry as well. The oil is beneficial against gastrointestinal disorders and for strengthening the immune system. It is also a great remedy against arthritis and sciatica due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Castor oil is often added to various cosmetic products, especially the ones used for treatment of keratosis and dermatosis.

While we’re on the topic of skin care, you should know that castor oil can also relieve insect stings and bites as well as acne scars, sebaceous cysts and warts. Applying castor oil on the affected areas several times a day will bring relief in just a short time.

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Castor oil has numerous health benefits which can help people with different health conditions. The oil originates from India and contains numerous fatty acids including ricinoleic acid which is responsible for most of the oil’s health benefits. Castor oil possesses potent antibacterial, antiviral and laxative effects which make it...