Those having a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp in the living room, in bedroom know that it is just like living in the countryside since it is a natural source of fresh and clean air.

Here are several incredible Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp benefits:

1. Cleanses and Deodorizes the Air

Most people use this lamp as it has a great ability to eliminate cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, and the other air contaminants.

The lamp purifies the air via the hygroscopy power, which means it attracts and absorbs water molecules and the foreign particles from the surrounding environment into the salt crystal.

2. Alleviates Coughing

Once the Himalayan pink salt lamp starts heating up as well as starts its airborne particle hygroscopic cycling, the molecule charges that are released are also changed by the lamp. In addition, the room will be full of positively charged ions that aren’t good for your health.

However, the Himalayan pink salt lamp actually absorbs particles and water from the air, thus also taking positive ions with them. Furthermore, cleansed water vapor is released back in the air as well as negative ions that have beneficial effects on the airways are expelled by the heated salt. In other words, they elevate cilial activity, which keeps the lungs clear.

3. Decrease the Symptoms of Asthma and Allergy

Having a HPS lamp in the rooms where you spend most of your time can significantly decrease your allergy symptoms since it eliminates microscopic particles of mildew, mold, pet dander, and dust from the surrounding air. After 1-2 weeks asthma sufferers will notice a great difference in their health condition.

4. Makes You Feel Full of Energy

For example, a lot of people find invigorating to have a shower immediately after waking up in the morning, camp in the mountains, or lie on a beach. All these activities expose you to elevated negative ion concentrations like those created by Himalayan salt lamps.

5. Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation

Today, there is a lot of electromagnetic radiation that flows from the electronics, such as cell phone, computer, television, tablet, stereo, appliances, and so on. Even though it is invisible, but the EM exposure long-term effects can be serious. To be more specific, frequent EM exposure may lead to chronic fatigue, raise stress levels, and reduce the immune response of the human body.

But, Himalayan salt lamp emits negative ions into the air, thus neutralizing the electromagnetic radiation.

6. Improves Mood and Concentration

These lamps can naturally improve your mood as well as help you relax. That’s not all, they can also enhance concentration as a result of the impact of negative ions on your body, which improves oxygen and blood supply to the brain and other body organs and boosts the serotonin levels, thus making you feel happy.

7. Improves Sleep Patterns

As previously mentioned, Himalayan pink salt lamps can produce negative ions naturally, and therefore they help in improving your sleep patterns. So, place a Himalayan pink salt lamp around the bedroom in order to enhance the air quality and get a better night’s sleep.

In case you can only sleep in a dark room, just turn the lamp off before going to bed.

8. Helps in the Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder

A Himalayan pink salt lamp gives off natural light, which is quite close to the warm sunshine glow, so that it can be also used to alleviate the Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms.

9. Gives Environmentally-Friendly Light

It is environmentally friendly. It is estimated that the reserves from which HPS is mined are between 80 and 600 million tons, which are expected to last for at minimum another 350 years at the same extraction rate.

10. Lowers Static Electricity in the Air

Static is actually pesky stuff triggering frustration, embarrassment, and stress. Additionally, it zaps you when you don’t expect it, for instance when you kiss someone, reach for a door handle, or try to pet your cat or dog.

The airborne ionized particles that trigger all these negative effects can be naturally neutralized thanks to a Himalayan pink salt lamp.

How to Choose and Where to Place This Lamp:

When purchasing a Himalayan pink salt lamp, the crystal’s size determines the coverage. It is important to know that smaller lamps can be placed in the average bedroom, whereas larger lamps are excellent for den or living room.

Of course, you can place multiple lamps around your house, in case you can’t find a large lamp.

Keep in mind that the crystals of Himalayan pink salt will start melting with prolonged high humidity exposure. So, be careful and pay attention to any HPS lamps placed near steam sources like showers, dishwashers or laundry machines.

Additional Methods to Purify the Air in Your Home

You can use these lamps along with houseplants that have air purifying qualities to purify and clean the air in your home completely naturally. In such a way, you as well as all your family members will definitely breath the cleanest and healthiest air possible!


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Those having a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp in the living room, in bedroom know that it is just like living in the countryside since it is a natural source of fresh and clean air. How Does This Lamp Function? It is a fact that all matter, such as water, air, a...