That was one of the first cases of that virus, and since then the bourbon virus has already taken several victims after being bitten by ticks. Already known more today, so if you want to see the symptoms, then we leave them.

The symptoms that then presented the farmer and that other people had, are fever, muscle aches and anorexia.

The worst thing is that at the moment no antibiotic is able to stop the symptoms, certain medical treatments are those that could act as a cure if the disease is detected at an early age.

This virus is very powerful and usually attacks a large part of the body so in a matter of no time a person may get stung up to the same situation as the farmer.

Then we leave you a video to know more about this virus caused by ticks in a video.

Pay attention.


Do not ignore the symptoms or the bites by these animals that as we know, are everywhere. However, not all carry the virus.

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Every parasite is usually disgusting, but the ticks are the ones that may be the most because they treat several diseases that could reach death. There are several cases where the person who has been bitten by a tick ends up dead after some time, and here we bring...