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It turns out that spirulina has great benefits, let’s see which are the main:


Prevents and combats all cases of iron deficiency anemia due to its high content of vitamin C and therefore a better absorption of iron.


Avoid dyslipidemia, which are alterations in your metabolism that cause fat accumulation in your bloodstream.

Intestinal flora

It has a positive impact on your bacterial flora, which will improve your digestion and avoid any related problems.

Immune system

Vitamin C improves your system and keeps you high defenses, avoiding any kind of simple contagion disease like the flu.


It attacks and prevents allergic rhinitis and any other allergy of that nature.

Cardiovascular diseases

Improves and avoids any kind of pathology related to vascular problems

Physical and mental fatigue

Combats fatigue, which also stimulates vitality thanks to its nutrients


-You only need to place a teaspoon of spirulina powder in the bottom of a glass.

-Then, add natural juice until you fill it completely.

-We recommend you use citrus fruits like orange or grapefruit.

-Mix everything very well, making sure that the powder is completely in the juice, leaving no lumps.

You should drink it at breakfast so you can make the most of your benefits. Do not forget to share this information if you found it useful!


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