The Burpee

This exercise affects the major muscle groups and makes the heart pump better.

The Pull Up

You will tone the muscles, even though the exercise is a bit difficult in the beginning.

The Squat

With the help of squatting, you will reshape the buttock and legs. For an additional intensity, try out dumb bells or a barbell.

Push Ups

By doing this exercise, your triceps will be stronger, your shoulders more sculpted, and the upper chest more toned.


This exercise is created to make the buttock tighter and the hamstrings more toned. Replace them with the Glute Bridge if you happen to notice ache in the knees.

Spider Crawl

This exercise will better your hips’ mobility and tone your core muscles.

The Skater

This exercise will help you develop the stability of the ankles and knees, and what’s more, in order to burn even more calories, jolt the joints and jump minimally.

The Plank

When you do this exercise, your whole core is engaged, thus preventing and alleviating back ache. Hold the position for a minute.

Jumping Rope

A good replacement for running and it will tone your arms and legs.

The Get Up

With the help of this exercise, you will have a more flat, toned, and fat-free belly.


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If you want to shed a few extra pounds, the best way to do this is with the help of resistance training which will better your strength and endurance, making your body more toned and slimmer. In one study, which examined the effects of resistance exercise on the metabolic...